UTRAN Transmission Infrastructure Planning and Optimisation

The fundamental changes between 2G to 3G transmission networks and their resulting risks and chances are often overlooked in the first phase of a 3G network deployment. Most of the current mobile network operators originate from a classic telecomm background and had only little experience and affinity to implement direct IP-vendors during the initial 3G rollout, which was often before 2004. On the other side, nearly all IP- and ADSL-operators do not comply with the same level of quality, which classic telecoms were used to. The reason is based on the different type of services. While data services, such as download, e-mails or surfing, can easily tolerate end-to-end outages of ten or more seconds, this is impossible for the performance of voice services, which has for a long time been the core product of mobile operators. Careful UTRAN infrastructure planning and optimisation is hence requried, which will be treated in great depth in this last chapter of the book including leased lines, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (LMDS, WiMAX) and other solutions.

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