• Our book preview and content search engine
    You can search through our book with this Amazon search engine and find keywords and topics you are interested in.
  • ZRT web page
    Web page of the Radiocommunications and Teleinformatics Department (ZRT), Wrocław University of Technology
  • CTR web page
    Web page of the Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR), King's College London
  • IST MOMENTUM project
    Home web page for famous project on UMTS optimisation: "Models and Simulations for Network Planning and Control of UMTS"
  • IST MOMENTUM public scenarios
    Data sets from IST MOMENTUM project which can be used as reference in optimisation process
  • Celtic GANDALF project
    Home web page for the project on auto-tuning: "Monitoring and self-tuning of RRM parameters in a multi-system network"
  • IST SEACORN project
    Web page for IST project: "Simulation of Enhanced UMTS Access and Core Networks"
  • IST EVEREST project
    Web page for IST project: "Evolutionary Strategies for Radio Resource Management in Cellular Heterogeneous Networks"
  • IST AROMA project
    Web page for IST project: "Advanced Resource Management Solutions for Future All IP Heterogeneous Mobile Radio Environments"
  • Alexander's PhD thesis about UMTS optimisation
    One of the book author (Alexander Gerdenitsch) PhD thesis: "System Capacity Optimization of UMTS FDD Networks", 2004. If you wish to receive the full text please send us an email.
  • ultraCODE web page
    If you are interested in development of ultra-fast code for your software you can visit this site to improve your code efficiency. New examples will be added in Downloads section on regular basis.

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